After MinkPink launched their global campaign with a wonderful tea party, jam packed with all things sweet and sugar- us bloggers got a tour of the brand new mink pink office. I took some photos to give you guys a special sneak peak.I fell in love with the whole vibe of the office- something i would love to work in one day. The place is packed with inspiring photos and quotes, numerous racks full of clothes old and new, story boards and photo shoots all pinned up brightening up the walls, and show rooms full of new gorgeous garments (accessories, sunglasses and swimwear too!) I am personally in love with their new line, i'm a sucker for sequins and cut outs- and there is a hell lot of both. Also a huge fan of the accessories as i am always one to not leave the house without a statement piece of jewellery. Make sure to check out http://minkpink.com/au/global and have a look at their new campaign!


  1. Love this brand! Glad you're back too...xx


  2. Oh it looks fantastic, that sequin skirt has my name written all over it! xx


  3. so many nice clothes! i want them all xx



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