I’m not being biased, but Shakuhachi was one of the biggest standout shows this year at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week. As soon as the lights dimmed down and Grime’s oblivion played over the speakers the room was automatically filled with this insane energy. The runway lights lit up and out came the first look. It was floral and neoprene fever along with embroidered masterpieces and metallic madness. The use of sleek tailoring, chic detailing and dynamic prints all scream femineity. Shakuhachi is the soul mate of any fashion-obsessed girl, including me. I literally was having adrenaline rushes in my seat watching these amazing looks come down the runway and I think I speak for every girl when I say “I CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THESE!” The MBFWA runway show also market the debut of Shakuhachi’s eyewear range, as if this brand couldn’t get any better? Make sure you all keep and eye out for the new season to come- I know I will. 


  1. looks amazing! you're so lucky you got to go see it! x

  2. i think i'm going to have to buy one of these pieces!



  3. Ah your so lucky!! I looove the detail and prints, fab collection. xo



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