I recently did an interview for the online fashion website 2threads.com where i answered questions like what inspires my outfit choices and where are my favourite places to eat- because lets face it I'm the biggest foodie and apparently i'm not the only person who thinks so! 

How did you come about starting a blog?
I don’t think it was something I really planned at first. I’ve been blog stalking for as long as I can remember, collecting endless images that inspired me whether it be food, fashion or interior. And that’s how I started my tumblr (danichlek.tumblr.com) but from then on I began posting photos of myself and what I’d get up to on the weekend whether it be a market that was on that day or if I was trying out a new cafè and of course images of me and my outfits. I surprisingly had a really big response from my tumblr followers, which was awesome! But then I realised I wanted to keep my tumblr purely for inspiration and have a separate blog for my outfit and lifestyle posts and that’s how Alice In Wanderlust was born.
Can you name some of your favourite Sydney stores to shop at?
My favorite shop in Sydney would have to be Tuchuzy- just because the buyers that work for the boutique have a very good eye and source such amazing clothing! Same with For Artists Only- a small boutique in Rose bay but again Kristie (The owner/buyer) has such an amazing eye!
I hardly ever shop in shopping centers or in the city because I find that everything there is all the same and repetitive so I stay clear because as much as I love fashion always following trends is so boring. I’m also a big fan of American Apparel- they have really good basics and the cuts are always a perfect fit
Do you think that blogging has given you more opportunities.
Definitely! Blogging is great for networking and has been such an amazing platform for me, especially because I want to work within the fashion industry. Through blogging i have made relationships with PR companies, designers, stylists and I’ve met so many amazing and inspiring people. Also I met some of my best friends through blogging.


  1. will have to visit those stores one day when i come to sydney!



  2. That's an amazing opportunity! I've just started blogging and would love some tips? :)


  3. Great post! I am now following you! would you like to follow each other?


  4. love your style and the stripe shorts in the first photo is amazing. looking through your blog and food photos actually reminds me of how much I'm missing sydney, it's one of my favourite place ever :)

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  5. Such a great post and you look so gorgeous doll! I love how easy breezy yet gorgeous your outfit is! I loove your blog I'm so following doll! Off I go to read the full interview! xo

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