Evil Twin 'Crystal Method' woven tee, Zara skort, Acne leather pouch
I've been lusting over this Acne wallet for longer than i can remember telling myself that one day i'll be the proud owner of this small leather pouch- to my luck i scored this baby half price at the Tuchuzy sale and i got in lucky last! I'm meant to be saving and yet i'm spending more than usual- i guess I'm just having shopping withdrawals? 
For you guys who saw my post about Evil Twin's new campaign 'No Guts No Glory' you would have already known that i am in love with the new 'punk rock meets 90s sporty luxe' collection! I was also lucky enough to score this amazing printed woven tee courtesy of The Rumour Mill PR- its safe to say that i am hooked on the print and the box shaped silhouette. Not to mention how it goes from short at the front to longer at the back- this little number is goes with everything and makes you stand out.
Photos by Ashton Eramya blogger of purposeful drifter


  1. wow super cute top! love the print on it xx

  2. Ah I love your t-shirt, it's so awesome!
    Lucia's Loves

  3. Great outfit!
    Love your blog babe, just followed it with twitter, bloglovin and instagram! Hope you'll me back?:)
    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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