You could say that Surry Hills is my home, my boyfriend lives on Crown Street so i am in the area every day. Except i realised recently that i haven't been taking advantage of the awesome privilege of being within 5 minutes walking distance of all the amazing vintage & opp shops and the lovely cafès. I love discovering new places to have coffee and to eat along with rummaging through racks of vintage clothes- so on saturday i decided to make it a day of eating, discovering & shopping. My new favourite café is called Me & Art (62 Mary Street, Surry Hills) It is a vegan café & Japanese art gallery tucked away in a beautiful terrace. They make amazing coffees and if you go there make sure you try the coconut chai lattes- they are to die for. 
I also stopped by the Winery markets that are held on the 3rd saturday of every month. If you're in the area than its definitely worth checking out, they are quite small but you might be able to pick up some cheap vintage designer goodies and then continue through all the opp shops on crown street- i scored a 100% recycled leather jacket for $85!

I am wearing- American Apparel cropped long sleeve top, Vintage leather jacket, Vintage Levis denim skirt (from Glebe Markets), American Apparel socks & boots i've had for years i dont even remember where i bought them from!


  1. I wish I lived in such a cool area!



  2. I've heard lots about surry hills area, might have to go check it out when I'm next down in sydney! love your outfit too, you're lucky sydney has so many rad markets, with clothing and secondhand goodies! x



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